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Nov 10, 2013 9:00am PST
if we don't, on the wsite you and i talk about ituite a bit. i'm a enthusiastic fan. that said, let's tal about this way of raising money. you're trying to raise 0 million. >> that's right. >> the other day, last week barracuda network's rsed $72 milln in anipo. so we're talking about small ipo level kinds of money here. >> right, right. but the difrence is in an ipo you've g threeears of autoed financials. we'rstill a little too i don't think toe able to go through all that kind ofwork. we're going after the early age investor you can't really get an early stage investor using an ipo. you're already doing your ipo. >> b that said, youre getting ipo-level funds. >> absolutely. >> ablutely. viable alternative. >> to going to t open market. >> is this a substitute for ipo or is this something that bridges the gap between angel and venture invesng and ipo? >> you know, ihink it will work in ery single one of thos cases where you don't necessarily have to use angel anymore. you don't necesrily have to use venture capitalists. you can go dirtly to a we have those groups, those groups evo
Nov 17, 2013 9:00am PST
where more and more people have srt phones. lots of peopl don't have smartphone convincing myom to do an uber, she has known taxis her whole li life. here is a app, and they would just jump right in. >> andhe middle mart is all what wre about. pele that want a safe, reliable, reanably priced ride. yoow? they're drinkinbeer and going to the bal gam and that's who we're trying to mket too, or your mom is takg the taxi to the doctor. another thing is that t taxi indust is ruired to pick up and dp off any where. economically disadvanged s communities. i was at a rally at city hall, and we hadhe elderly cmunity talking to the audience saying you need to allow everything. some day you will be older and you may not be able to get around as well and you'll wis that someone hearing aidure you can get service. >> keeping it going, it's the same regulatio thatill be put on the rest of t industry as well. >> steve, thank you for being with ushis morning. >> tnk you very much. >> my next guest points out tha setle tech strategies,ekz. >>> welcome back to "press here." san francio has done a great
Nov 3, 2013 9:00am PST
assume you used to do it on a chalkboard -- i don't know how mathematicians work. believe me. >> she created cognitive maps of of the world in her mind when she was blind. i'm curious your techniques in doing that. >> how do you do that? >> and can you teach it? >> mathematics is a natural language for people, and we forget that, and we have so many -- we create the obstacles sometimes because we have a problem synthesizes information auditor auditorally or in other modalities, but math is the natural language of your brain, and so losing my sight, i spent a lot of time creating visual maps of the mathematics which mathematics is essentially patterns. so really trying to understand the world around me by creating cognitive maps and reducing things to patterns and statistical numbers and then -- >> i want to talk to you about declara not being in the u.s. you're in australia and some other countries. what's wrong with the education system in the u.s.? is that why you're not here? >> you know, my last company was focused in the united states, and i have learned a lot about what we're d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3